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Albatross Sailing Team

The origin of the “Albatross” team name:

1) It can fly on the sea for a long time, and effectively use the principle of aerodynamics to glide on the sea, as if it is sailing through the waves.

2) It may seem inconspicuous, but it can withstand the storm, and spread its wings as the wind strengthens.

3) It can master the sea surface airflow, and can fly at high speed in the sky at will.

4) It has endurance and can circle the earth once in two months. Team members should embody the spirit of an “albatross”.

Eligibility: To hold the third level qualification certificate of Junior Sailing Study or above, Optimist, Topper, Byte or Laser 4.7 will be used for training.

  • $550.0

    6 place available

    Albatross Sailing Team (2022 Aug 27)

    Application Deadline: Aug 13 For team members only. Classes will use Optimist, Topper, Byte or Laser 4.7 for training. Courses will only run when there are 6 participants enrolled, otherwise the course will be cancelled and the course fee will be refunded. In the event of activity cancellation by HKSSA (e.g. COVID-19 government-mandated closures), participants are entitled to a full refund. However, if participants withdraw due to individual reasons (e.g. participant does not fulfill the lowest entry requirements), except for sick leaves with a medical certificate from a doctor, no refund will be offered. Please click here to read more about our cancellation policy.  

    6 place available