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2020 Summer Programme

2020 Summer Programme
Thursday July 9th, 2020 at-hkssa
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2020 Summer Holiday Programs (Clip Here for Details)

A. Sailing Activities

S1. Optimist Junior Sail 1

S2. Optimist Junior Sail 2

S3. Optimist Junior Sail 3

S4. Optimist Junior Sail 4

S5. Introduction to Sailing Level 1

S6. Basic Skills Level 2

S7. Improving Techniques Level 3

S8. Sailing Camp for Youngster

S9. Sailing Camp for Youth

S10. Albatross Youth Sailing Team

S11. Laser Laser Clinic

S12. Summer Tai Mei Tuk Dinghy Series (Optimist/Laser 4.7)

S13. Summer Tai Mei Tuk Dinghy Series (420/Laser Radial)

S14. STEM Model Land Yacht Racing

S15. Parent-child Sailing Class

B. Kayaking Activities

K1. Junior Kayak Starfish Award

K2. Junior Kayak Sea Horse Award

K3. Junior Kayak Seal Award

K4. Junior Kayak Sea Lion Award

K5. Junior Kayak Walrus Award

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